Commission Meeting Minutes 7/16/2018

JULY 16, 2018

The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with all members present.  Also present were Paul Kitzke, County Attorney; Amy Jo Tharp, County Clerk and RoGlenda Coulter with the Hugoton Hermes.  Joe called the meeting to order.  Tron moved to approve the minutes.  Pat seconded.  Motion carried.  Pat moved to approve the county vouchers.  Tron seconded.  Motion carried.  The Clerk was instructed to draw warrants on the Treasurer chargeable to the various funds of the county for the following amounts:

General  $           87,965.24
Road & Bridge  $         196,838.87
Fair Fund  $           37,947.07
Airport  $             4,096.61
Services for the Elderly  $           82,592.10
Building  $           17,364.50
Extension Counil  $           60,274.02
Library  $           76,688.75
Noxious Weed  $             1,137.54
EMS  $             2,676.09
Fire  $             2,056.37
Hospital  $         639,206.67
Alcoholic Treatment  $                237.50
Diversion  $                789.72
Insurance Agency  $             6,300.00
Community Health  $             5,838.53
Library Benefit Fund  $           28,865.02
Sheriff  $           36,283.06
Employee P/R Misc W/H  $                  38.40
 $      1,287,196.06

Pat stated that it is not good that the funds to be appropriated for the County’s entities such as the Hospital, Library, Museum, Senior Citizens Centers and Extension as well as other entities that residents have access to are shorted due to the unpaid taxes.  He also stated that people who are residents and have no ownerships outside of Stevens County are tagging their vehicles from other states and counties which is hurting the county.

Robb Heger came in and said he had to haul cattle around July 3rd..  Since the county is still waiting on an individual to sign an agreement, he asked if a two-track road that is eight (8) feet wide would be possible until then.  Tony said if the Road and Bridge Department did do a two-track road it would hinder the actual road when the time comes to put it in.  Paul said he would contact the owners of the land again and see if he could get the papers signed that has already been agreed upon but he hasn’t received yet.  Robb said he would also try to get in contact with the owners to see if there is any underlying issue as to why the papers haven’t been signed.

Loren Seaman with the Soil Conservation Board arrived and informed the commissioners that they have hired a new secretary due to health reasons of the previous secretary.  He wanted to assure the commissioners that there was no fraud being committed within the Soil Conservation District.  There had been rumors but those are unfounded.

Loren also informed the commissioners that Lygus Beatles are prominent on Canola.  He said spraying with insecticide will help keep them down in number and that they like gardens and trees.

Amy Jo Tharp was instructed to call Nex-Tech to have a representative come out and explain more about the services they provide for the county.

Tony Martin said that Greg Morris called about the Industrial Park area.  He asked if there is a way to move the water around his lot from KDI and all of the rain runoff instead of going through his land.  Tony said that he will look into the streets to see if they were annexed to the city.  Tony also said that he would try to come up with some ideas on diverting the water.

The Road and Bridge Department has completed the chip/seal and is working on patching and repairing the gun range as well as blading some of the roads.

Billy Bell asked about getting an estimate to chip/seal all the streets in Moscow and possibly get one to two (1-2) streets over-laid as well as grinding down asphalt around the dips.  The commissioners agreed that the City of Moscow needs to hire someone to tend to that job because the county doesn’t have the manpower and cannot bid due to the county being a public entity.

Tressie Sims came in to give the commissioners information on a new business called Sims Mobil Surface Preparation, based out of Tyrone.  They informed the commissioners they do dustless blasting, sand blasting and soda blasting.  She stated that soda blasting is generally used for fire damaged items.

Robert Lucero came in to ask permission to purchase a commercial shampooer to clean the offices as needed and find out the maximum amount that he will be allowed to spend.

Pat made a motion that a shampooer can be purchased for county offices for no more than $500.00.  Tron seconded.  Motion carried.

Eunice Schroeder with the Library came in and informed the commissioners that the fire alarm system did not pass the sensitivity test and the materials to update are no longer available.  She told the commissioners that the company told her it would cost around $12,000 to fix.  Joe instructed Eunice to get at least two (2) bids from other companies and to look into Alert Alarm as well since it is a local company.

Eunice told the commissioners that a down spout has been broken by the riding lawn mower.  At this time, she is asking for bids for lawn maintenance at the Library due to the repairs that need to be made on a regular basis.

Joe told Paul that he would like to see the county pursuing the collection of unpaid taxes no matter the cost.  Pat and Tron agreed that unpaid taxes need to be collected and if they are going into arrears for several years then tax sales need to be established.  Pat also established his concern with county residents tagging vehicles in other counties or states.

Jan Leonard discussed with the commissioners what the Economic Development department is looking into.  The Eco Devo would like to have some brochures made up of the history of Hugoton and the hidden tunnels he also discussed the possibility of a coffee shop in the building where the tunnel is in hopes of bringing in revenue and interest from other places for tourism.  Pat inquired who would be paying for these expenses and Jan informed him that he is looking into the Mariah Fund and hopefully the Foundation Board would be willing to help as well.  Jan said they are currently looking into having a wax display of Buddy Heaton and the costs of billboards and other advertisements to place in the area.  Pat is concerned about expecting the county to support two (2) museums and doesn’t feel that will be a very positive impact.  Jan inquired about getting a question on the ballot but time to have a question on the Primary ballot has expired.

Shelby Martin came in to discuss the Wellness Center.  She said that she would like to see the room in the middle of the Wellness Center knocked down.  She has spoken with people who use that room and the only reason she was given is because they like the treadmill that is in there.  She said the only cost to the county would be the relocation of the breaker box and wiring that is in the room.  The total cost is $1,684.53 to move the breaker box and $100.00 for additional wiring through Hancock Electric.  She told the commissioners that her family will do the demolition of the room free of cost.  The issue was presented about responsibility if any accident were to occur on county property to a person that was demolishing the room.  Paul said they would need to fill out a waiver.

Shelby also inquired about having security lighting put up on the outside of the Wellness Center for the patrons that go in the evenings or early mornings.  Pat told Shelby that the city will put in lights that run during evening and night for $12.00 per month which would cut costs.

Tron made a motion to take down the building in the middle of the Wellness Center and pay Hancock Electric $1,784.53 for the removal of the breaker box and other wiring.  Pat seconded.  Motion carried.

Pat asked Tron who is in charge of the Wellness Center.  Joe and Pat both were under the impression that Elaine Rowden was now in charge.  Tron said he didn’t think any motion had been made on the new department head for the Wellness Center.

Joe made a motion to accept the 2018-2019 Landmark Appraisal contract.  Pat seconded.  Motion carried.


By motion, the Board adjourned.


Attest: Amy Jo Tharp, County Clerk



Joe Thompson, Chairman