Commission Meeting Minutes 9/17/2018

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with all members present.  Also present were Paul Kitzke, County Attorney and Amy Jo Tharp, County Clerk.  Joe called the meeting to order.  The minutes were tabled until the next commissioner meeting.  Pat moved to approve the county vouchers.  Joe seconded.  Motion carried.  The County Clerk was instructed to draw warrants on the Treasurer chargeable to the various funds of the county for the following amounts:


General  $           95,870.07
Road & Bridge  $           91,341.63
Noxious Weed  $             3,465.24
EMS  $             7,202.09
Fire  $             2,787.62
Community Health  $           30,152.92
County Building  $             2,085.88
Emp P/R Misc W/H  $                  40.74
Airport  $             1,615.39
Alcohol Treatment  $                237.50
Wellness Bequest  $           11,190.00
Sheriff  $           29,456.61
 $         275,445.69


Tony Martin came in and presented the commissioners with a crossing permit to be accepted from Cimarron Valley Irrigation.  He said the Transportation Visioning Task Force wants to raise fuel tax to better the county roads and he does not agree with that.  He suggested the commissioners talk to other commissioners to see where they stand with this task force.


Tony said the Heger road will be completed in a few days.  There was a lot of sand and caused it to take a bit longer than anticipated.  He also informed the commissioners that road and bridge will be out fixing and repairing some of the dirt county roads due to the way the weather has been and the start of harvest.


Tony is going to have Pioneer come out and run an internet line for the new time card system.  Hopefully it will be going into place soon and will run smoothly connecting to the system at the courthouse.  He also informed the commissioners that it will be approximately $35,000.00 for a new stacker.


Rodney came and informed the commissioners that starting today, the airport will be closed until November 9, 2018 due to the runway being redone.  All airplane transfers will have to be taken to Liberal and if possible, the medical helicopter can land at the parking lot of the hospital.  He also stated a lot of runs were done on Saturday out at the golf course due to dehydration and overheating.


Jackson Sheets with Aqua Shield came in and told the commissioners they have given an estimate on the EMT building roof to repair the leaks.  Jackson said some nails are coming up and need to be replaced by screws.  He suggests using spray foam around pipes and some other spots then coating the entire roof with silicone.  He also suggests that the rubber boots around pipe be replaced along with flashing.


Joe told Jackson to have Aqua Shield do a spec sheet and bring it in to the next commissioner meeting on October 10, 2018.  The spec sheet is to include the fire station, EMT and breezeway roof for replacing loose nails and coating the whole roof not just the seams.  Once the spec sheet is received, Rodney was instructed to get bids from several places and set it up for sealed bids for the commissioner meeting on October 15, 2018.


The commissioners took a break at 9:30, to attend the funeral of former County Commissioner David Bozone.


The commissioner meeting resumed at 11:30.


Sheriff Ted Heaton and Adam Mauk appeared to inform the commissioners that things are running smoothly at the Sheriff’s office.


Six (6) interviews were lined up for the Courthouse maintenance/janitorial position.  Five (5) of the applicants appeared in front of the commissioners.  Joe made a motion to hire Jesus Montiel-Albarado.  Tron seconded.  Motion carried.


Jesus Montiel-Albrado declined the position.  The decision was then to offer Rex Evans the position of Maintenance/Janitor for the courthouse.


Joe made a motion to hire Marilyn Harris to maintain the Memorial Hall kitchen working ten (10) hours or less a week.  The salary will be negotiated on October 1, 2018, at the next commissioner meeting.  Pat seconded.  Motion carried.



By motion, the Board adjourned.


Attest: Amy Jo Tharp, County Clerk


Joe Thompson, Chairman